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Forge ahead • Cross the peak | 2021 Mengjiaolan Daily Chemical Outdoor Elite Expansion Documentary

When the spring flowers bloom, the scenery is intoxicating. From April 23rd to 25th, Fujian Mengguolan Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd. organized employees to carry out the “Forging Forward • Crossing the Peak” outreach training activities in Julong Town, Hui’an County.

The purpose of this outreach activity is to relax the body and mind of employees, enhance their feelings, cultivate the innovative spirit of forge ahead and be brave to challenge, create a united, hardworking, energetic and efficient quality team, and inspire everyone to devote themselves to work in a fuller mental state.

At the beginning of the activity, the instructors used a novel and lively way to group all the personnel participating in the training, and then conceive the team name, select the team leader, determine the team song and team training.

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ Let’s take a look at the highlights of the expansion with Jun Huan.Stand in the military posture, practice the will

Keep your heels together and your toes apart at 60°. Clamp your legs straight and clamp your five fingers together. The middle finger is close to the trouser stitch…Everyone is full of energy and dare not slack in the slightest. Stand up straight and show good looks at all times.

The small groups worked together to graffiti and complete the blueprint for the “26th anniversary” of the little raccoon, and hand in hand to synthesize a complete picture. This scene was clearly recorded by the aerial drone, which expresses the blessings of the employees to the little raccoon.

Crossing minefields
The soldiers who “crossed the minefield” are very united. Regardless of how difficult the project is, the regiment leaders also help each other and strive to complete the task.

Fun jumpsuit

Offensive and defensive arrows

Passionate water jump

Sharing experience of each group


Through a series of team building activities, everyone is liberated from the daily heavy work, so that everyone can completely release the pressure from work and enjoy the infinite joy of life. Repression disappears in the taste, confidence is strengthened in sports, and the collective strength is quietly gathered in infinite happiness.

Everyone said that they will actively devote themselves to work in a better state of mind in the future, and “concentrate and consolidate efforts to overcome difficulties and forge ahead” to jointly help the new development of the little raccoon!

Post time: May-13-2021