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The 26th Shanghai CBE Beauty Expo, COATI shines again, wins double honors


The three-day 26th Shanghai CBE China Beauty Expo

Kick off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center!

CBE, known as the number one beauty exhibition in Asia

Gathered the world’s top daily cosmetics, beauty and supply chains

Giants in professional beauty and other fields

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Among the beauty brands in the audience, COATI, as an internationally renowned maternal and child care brand, is even more unique. With its professional, safe, and comfortable appearance, it is enthusiastically sought after by the majority of participants and shines in the audience.

Beauty Expo site

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COATI booth is in W3F01-W3F08, W3F25-W3F32. The design is simple, pure, healthy, and comfortable. The brand features complement each other. The naïve cartoon raccoon also attracts the attention of many people. Its high-quality products and top-of-the-line patent technology. The team and attentive service also captured the hearts of many visitors to the exhibition. Many customers who stopped to visit and consult were welcomed. The atmosphere of the scene was fiery

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Below enjoy some of the pictures from our CBE COATI show and products

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Post time: May-18-2021