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Secret Garden Perfume Spa Bathing Gift Set Girl Birthday Gift

Short Description:

1*iron bucket

1*140ml shower gel

1*140ml bubble bath

1*100g bath salt

1*50ml body scrub

1*110g bath fizzer

1*15g bath spoon



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Product Detail

Is your skin always "dry" (the three sins of skin problems, how many have you gotten?)

1. Dry and rough: air conditioning and climate change cause skin moisture loss

2. Dull and yellow: environmental pollution, dirt deposits make the skin dull and dull

3. Embarrassing odor: sweating and oily form an embarrassing unpleasant body odor.

Product Efficacy: Gentle skin-friendly texture, moisturize the skin, rich foam, easy to clean the skin. When you take a refreshing bath, it moisturizes and keeps your skin smooth and delicate. Bath and skin care are not wrong, multiple moisturizing ingredients, care for fragile skin, and build a protective barrier.

1. Refreshing and cleansing: Effectively cleans, repairs damaged skin, and creates radiant skin like Snow Maiden

2. Gentle care: no tears for eye protection, dense foam, luxurious pet, moist, light and easy to rinse

3. Deep moisturizing: deeply moisturize the skin, make the skin delicate and moist, make the skin smooth

4. Milk skin care: form a barrier for the skin surface to reduce dry chicken skin

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Mengjiaolan Daily Chemicals was established in 1995 and is located in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the development and promotion of new technologies and new products, always advocating the idea of "consumer service, brand service", and adhering to the business philosophy of "True Care and Care". ; In accordance with ISO9001: 2000 quality standards, standardize production in each link of the management process, establish a standardized management control system, from raw material entry, process flow, quality control, product sales, after-sales service to product traceability to ensure high-quality The product promises to consumers.

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